Can You Sleep Wearing a Waist Trainer?

How many times have you prayed that sleeping would solve all your problems? I, for one, do this a lot. When there is too much work, and the assignments and household chores pile up, I do what any lazy procrastinator worth their salt do- sleep on it. Somehow I always hope that all of it will go away when I wake up. Does it happen, ever? No. Will I stop doing it? No.

But; there is one particular problem that just might, get solved by sleeping on it. If you are aware about the practice of waist training; wearing a corset or a waist trainer to lose belly fat, you might be tempted to try it on at night. And why not? Waist training involves wearing a corset for 6-10 hours every day, and during your exercise to boost the thermal activity in your abdomen and thus help lose weight from around your tummy. But; whether or not you can do it even while sleeping is still a very debatable topic.

Ideally, it would be perfect if you can pull it off, while sleeping you would be wearing it for a continuous 6-7 hours at least which meets the basic requirements. It’d also mean you would have to face less discomfort as opposed to working or moving around while wearing a corset during the day. Many people, in fact do wear their waist cinchers to bed and feel great when they wake up. However, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before you take this step and stop immediately, in case you feel any discomfort, at all.

It depends on every individual person and their bodies. As I said, many people can, and do wear a waist trainer to bed, and have no problems at all. But there are also, quite a few who faced discomfort in sleeping and/or other complications because of sleeping with a corset. Some people, who weren’t very comfortable in wearing their cinchers, complained of not getting enough rest during the night as they couldn’t sleep properly. Now this is highly discouraged to continue wearing a cincher if you cannot sleep properly. If your body doesn’t get the proper rest that it needs, then it won’t be able to function at its peak during the rest of the day. That not only hampers your work and home life, but also undermines the efficiency of your workout and exercise that would otherwise help you lose weight faster.

You can definitely give it a try, but it is advisable that you stop immediately on noticing the first signs of discomfort. As mentioned before, it varies from person to person and body to body. Just because your friend Debby can sleep easily while wearing a corset doesn’t mean that there is something wrong if you cannot. Our body rests, heals and repairs itself during sleep. It is therefore crucial not to put it through any unwanted or easily avoidable stress. The thought f losing weight while you sleep might be very tempting, but it will do you more harm than good if you do not listen to your body.

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