How to Clean a Waist trainer Corset or Cincher

So you have recently started using a Waist Trainer Corset, and love the results? Isn’t it genius that just wearing a specific piece of clothing can enhance your workout regime? And the most beautiful part is that it targets your problem area- the belly fat, which no exercise or diet plan could do before. Now that you have been experiencing the amazing change in yourself after wearing a cincher, isn’t it proper that you pay back by taking proper care of it. Waist Corsets or Cinchers are garments made of Latex, which require very specific kind of care if you wish to reap their benefits for long. And if you are worried about how to clean yours- fret no more. Here is a guide to help you in taking proper care of your weight-loss companion while washing.

  • DO NOT MACHINE WASH your corset. You have to realize that it is a very delicate piece of fabric and should never be machine washed. Handle it with utmost care.
  • Don’t use a sponge or hard brush. Even while washing it with your hands; you should be careful not to be harsh in your handling. Use an old soft cloth or towel instead of a sponge. They would be more gentle than a brush. Using a brush or sponge can damage the soft fabric.
  • Use some hot water and gentle soap; you can even use shampoo- to make a cleaning mixture. Now dip a soft cloth in this solution and gently wipe your Corset throughout. Be very patient and meticulous during the entire process and make sure you have covered the entire surface properly.
  • Now that you are done with the tricky part; it is extremely important that you dry it properly. If there is any amount of moisture left, it can cause decay, not to mention extreme discomfort while wearing. Use dry towels to soak any excess moisture before you let it out to dry.
  • Do not expose your Cincher to direct sunlight. It is a good idea to use a cover garment when you leave it out to dry. Alternatively you can also air dry it inside your room to avoid discoloration duet to sunlight. You can also use your hair dryer to dry it, but on low setting.
  • During this entire process, keep your waist trainer away from any and all other clothes. It can leave stains on whites if it comes in contact, or can also get sullied if it touches other garments made of, leather and such.

Latex is very likely to get destroyed or discolored if it is not taken care of properly. Make yourself sure that the garment is completely dry before storing it. Using a waist trainer continuously, without cleaning it periodically will not only lead to its decay. But the stench of sweat and sweat stains would also make it less desirable for you to put on. With proper care, a waist trainer would serve you faithfully for a longer period of time without sagging or getting frayed. Hope this guide helps you in taking proper care of your waist trainer, till the time you need a new, smaller one.

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