Corset Training Results – Before and After


Everybody, secretly or openly, wants to be in incredible shape but everybody isn’t. Since traditional methods to shedding fat such as working out in the gym or practicing yoga require a lot of patience and labour, people are looking for easier alternatives to lose belly fat. Shape wears have been in use for more than 3 centuries now but nothing could gain them more mileage than the instagram pictures of Kardashian sisters alone. They were the first celebs to endorse waist training as the top secret behind their textbook perfect figure. Fans went gaga over it and brands like Ann Chery cashed in on the sudden influx of demand.

The ABC of Corset Training

Will corset training magically transform you into a Vogue model overnight? No. Will corset training work if you continue to cram up your stomach with oily junk food? No. Can you really trim up the bulge without exercising? A big, loud no. Corset training isn’t merely about slimming your waistline by tight lacing a piece of fabric. It needs to be combined with a proper workout regime using other fitness equipment and a balanced food habit to see notable results.

Waist cinchers, corsets work exactly like sauna belts. Wearing a tight-fitting latex undergarment ramps up the thermal activity in the core, resulting in rapid calorie burn. Corset training is no rocket science, there are a number of other factors that heavily impact the results of corset training. While some women have shown dramatic reduction of abdominal fat in just a few months, some have been left disappointed even after a year of consistent training.

Factors that Affect Corset Training Results

Type of Body fat

If the amount of visceral fat supersedes the amount of subcutaneous fat in your belly, you are most likely to have a tough time losing weight. It is because the visceral fat layer is located right under the abdominal muscle whereas the subcutaneous fat is soft layer of fat sitting under your skin. Therefore, it can be compressed down up to a few inches instantly. The amount of adipose tissue in your body also plays a major role. Women carrying high body fat may immediately cinch down several inches after putting on the latex garment but it will bounce back to its previous set as soon as your remove it.

Skeletal Frame

Always buy a corset having a conical ribcage instead of a rounded ribcage if you have a wide and inflexible ribcage to maximize the impact. Girls naturally blessed with a lissome skeletal frame apparently obtain faster results than those with stiff ribs.

Other Physiological Factors

Age, pregnancy, water retention and certain medications also play a pivotal role in determining how much you’re going to benefit from corset training. Women who have bloating problem due to medication or low water retention capacity would struggle with belly binding in the beginning. Corset during pregnancy is something I’d never recommend though women in 18th and 19th century have generously laced up while carrying. Post-partum corseting should be considered only after consulting with doctor.

Quality of the Corset

In order to cope with an increasing demand of waist training, many average manufacturers are compromising with the structuring of corsets. Checking out the quality of stitching is imperative while shopping for a waist trainer. Giving a trial to the corset is the best way to get a proper idea of fittings. Stress on the boning anchors and grommets, make sure it provides a good support and don’t buckle easily.

Corset Fittings

These high-compression garments are designed to cinch down your bulging waistline without restraining your natural flexibility. It’s a common myth that lacing a super-tight waist trainer will accelerate the calorie burning process. Let me pop the myth bubble for you. Choosing the right corset size is the key. A well-fitting corset highlights your curves, supports your back and core, upper ribcage and buttocks, uplifts the bosom and extends up to your lower tummy, leaving no lump of fat protruding out of the shape wear. As you continue to shed inches with time, it will loosen, allowing you to move onto the next set of hooks.

Benefits of Corset Training

  • The biggest USP of these high compression corsets are instant result. A few inches from the belly and waistline are cinched as soon as your button the undergarment around your midsection which results in a faux flat stomach.
  • Prolonged compression promotes body mass reduction in various other ways. For one, constricting the stomach for hours decreases appetite, to be more specific, the craving for snacks all day long. Deep fried nachos, oily burgers and cream coated pastries are fat bombshells.
  • Waist training is an affordable, enjoyable and most of all, less tedious way to slim down. The social networking sites replete with pictures of women displaying their before and after corset training results proudly, what else could be a better testimonial for its effectiveness?

Is Corset Training Totally Safe?

Corset training is actually harmless unless you are dealing with some serious medical condition or simply wearing it wrong. See, compression gears are meant to be tight. People with high body fat count will inevitably feel initial bouts of pain and stiffness, allow your body some time to get accustomed with the sudden exertion of compression. Women who are corseting to trim the post-childbirth belly pooch may opt for specialized maternity corsets with laced panels. However, it’s mandatory to consult your doctor before you move ahead with the plan. Belly binding during pregnancy, at least not after the first trimester. Doing otherwise, no matter how seamless it feels, might trigger some serious hazard to the fetus.

It’s highly advisable to avoid wearing compression undergarments during push-ups or any other abdominal exercises. One needs to take deep breaths while performing these workouts. Constraining the midsection might trigger shortness of breath, inflexibility as well as severe pain in the waist and leg muscles. Another very common mistake women commit during waist training is wearing it for long hours. The idea is provide an additional helping to your fitness regime, overdoing the training would land you up in a rather menacing situation.

Summing up the Article

Achieving an hourglass shaped figure isn’t the only goal of corset training, it’s more about staying fit and feeling confident from within. The battle against obesity can be won only with patience, composure, hard work and a solid strategy. A corset trainer is a mere weapon, the warrior is the person wearing it.

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