Determining Which Type of Waist Trainer Suits your Needs

So you have decided to start waist training. As you know waist training involves wearing a corset or a waist cincher, preferably for 4-6 hours a day. It dramatically reduces your waist size by up to a couple of inches and also, when followed for a longer period of time, waist training gives lasting effects for your mid riff region. Now before you start with this trend, it is advisable to know the difference among the waist trainers, then analyze your needs as well as limits, and choose one that works best for you. As it all depends upon your lifestyle and individual capabilities, the type of waist trainers vary from person to person and there is no ‘one waist trainer’ that is better.

Traditional Corsets- Corsets have been in use for waist training since centuries. It was around the 1500’s that the first recorded usage of a corset can be dated back to. They are steel boned and hence more rigid. But they give instant effect, and make your waist look considerably thinner. They are more of a frame, a solid frame that keeps your body in control. They are amazing for wearing under dresses to give you a silhouette to die for.

As they are not at all flexible, it is not a good idea to use them in your workout. They hamper full body movement and are not advisable to be used alongside active wear. You won’t be able to exercise freely or even effectively while wearing a proper corset. Waist Cinchers have been specifically designed to be worn during workouts and there benefits are mentioned later in this article.

So you can’t workout wearing a corset, so what do you do. Well first of all, corsets are much better to be used as waist trainers for a sedentary lifestyle. They can be worn during your office hours, lectures or even while slouching off at home. They keep your waist in check and also effectively control your urges to give in to temptations. As they make their presence felt, quite prominently, you’re less likely to do things you shouldn’t be doing, for instance having that glazed donut, when you have a constant reminder of your pledge to a fitter waist.

Waist Cinchers- Waist Cinchers are made of Latex and come under the category of shape wear. Though in reality they are just another ‘type’ of Corsets; but because of the build and the material they are more suited for some activities when compared to the traditional corsets. Because they are made of latex, they allow greater body movement and can be incorporated within your workout to have maximum results. They are part of your active wear and help generate sweat around the mid riff faster.

They are of different sizes depending upon your need and it is best to try them on for your ideal fit and size. Because you have to work out wearing it, it is advisable not to go too tight. Also, the core exercises should not be done wearing a cincher because the core needs to expand and breathe during sit ups and crunches. However cinchers are great for aerobics and other exercises that don’t directly involve the core.

So depending upon your need you can pick any one of these waist trainers. However, I’d advise getting both and using them concurrently, in ideal situations to reap maximum benefits.

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