Waist Trainers for Weight Loss

There are so many diet fads and workout regimes these days that promise to get you in shape fast and simple. We all know that not all of them work. So what is it that makes this new trend of wearing waist cinchers, or what is popularly known as waist training so desirable? The answer is really simple and yet tempting- Belly fat reduction.

Now, everyone who has ever tried to lose weight would know that your tummy is one of the most taxing places to lose from. Belly fat is one of the most obstinate and hard to get rid of. No matter how much you jog or work out, it takes ages and ages for any kind of effect to be visible on your tummy. And even then, one day of unsupervised eating or water retention and you are back to square one. This is where the waist training regime comes in handy. Not only does it concentrate on just your belly region so that your overall training shows results- fast. But it also deals with day to day bloating and other problems; hiding your bulges and giving visible results from the first use.

Waist training involves wearing a waist cincher or a corset while you are exercising, as it increases the thermal activity in your core. So the area gets more attention. Alternatively, it can also be worn  for at least six hours in a day, at least five days a week. Now it is usually when you are out, at work or at leisure that you wear this. It is a known fact that you get tempted easily for junk and unhealthy foods while you are out and about the town. Can you see how these two factors come together in helping you lose weight? So when you are wearing a corset, it automatically, shrinks your stomach so to speak. It means you will eat comparatively smaller portions, and not have as much as you feel like having just because it tastes good. One of the major reasons for fat gain is that we eat more than what we need. Corsets are, for their functioning, tight. You would always feel their presence while you are wearing them, so in a way it not only controls your meal sizes, but is also an ever present reminder that you need to choose a healthier life style, now that you have started working for it. The next time you are tempted by that scrumptious looking cupcake in a bakery display, you would be reminded that you need to lose fat around your belly, and all that sugar is just empty calories.

Waist training also benefits hugely when it comes to your posture. As is common with many of the computer desk job generation, our posture is nowhere near what it is supposed to be. 60-70% people slump when they walk. A corset not only gives shape and structure to your waist, it also gives your back a much needed support. Your body is aligned more straight and the effect is visible immediately. And over time you would start to adopt this correct, upright posture with or without the help of a corset. Obviously this is achieved because it is strung tightly around your waist. Now one of the most common fears that I’ve heard about this method is- will it crush my internal organs together because it is so tight. Well, no. if you were still in a growing age then it might still have been a possibility to alter your growth pattern by external factors. But it is rarely a possibility once you are an adult. Also, they are called internal organs for a reason, they have their very own spaces inside your body and they are covered by layers and layers of bones, muscles and que drum rolls Fat. What a waist cincher does is that it compresses this fat and some muscles. It does not harm your organs in the limited time that it is used. On that note, do not over do the usage of these waist cinchers because anyway, excess of anything is bad.

And then, there is the fact that it helps clear toxins from your body. How is that possible? Well, a waist cincher works in the same way as Sauna. So it raises your body temperature, it makes you sweat. And when you are sweating, out comes the harmful toxins that are deep within your skin that no amount of scrubbing could have gotten rid of. It is constantly working on tightening your core and this is where the heat is generated. It works your abdominal muscles, and tones them over a long period of use.

Hope this article helps you in getting a better idea what this technique of weight loss comprises of. I hope you are more informed about it now and would be more open to discuss it with your doctor/dietician now. Make sure that you are not suffering from any medical complications, and then you are good to go.


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