Is Waist Training Dangerous? Rumours Demystified

So you recently heard about the latest health fad up on the internet. Waist Training came into limelight with our very own Kim K uploading a selfie of her working out with a waist trainer on. Since then there have been many remarks and critiques of tying yourself up in a corset to work out. Well, the fact is, this method shows results and so more and more people are trying it out even as you read this article. However there are also numerous myths regarding waist training that are floating around on the internet that just simply are not true. Here I’m listing some of them and the reasons precisely why they are called ‘myths’ and not ‘facts’.


  • Wearing a Waist Trainer everyday causes heartburn- many people claim that because it squeezes your stomach, it cause the stomach acids to go up your food pipe and cause heart burn. Well, you are a person my dear, not a ketchup bottle which can be squeezed like that. If you wear a trainer that is your perfect fit and size, you do not have to worry about any such effects at all.
  • Doesn’t actually makes you lose weight- Well, wearing a waist trainer is the fastest way to look slim no doubt. However it is true that just wearing a waist trainer won’t do you significant good. Waist training also incorporates exercising while wearing it, which would in turn kick start your core and make you sweat more. It directs your workout to show effects on your mid riff. Not to mention that wearing a corset during other hours helps keep the food cravings in check and helps you in taking judicious portions of food.
  • Wearing a waist trainer is enough and I can do it all day long- Well, No! As explained above, waist training involves a lot of parallel processes and simply wearing a waist cincher or corset won’t give you results. You have to combine it with proper exercise and diet and the results would definitely be worth it. Also it is advisable to wear a waist trainer for a maximum of 7-8 hours a day and not more.
  • It injures the back and/or damages your organs- as far as injuring the back goes; waist trainers actually do the exact opposite. They give support to your spine and rib cage, making your posture more erect. This reduces the unnecessary stress on your back muscles and spine which is a result of bad posture from sedentary lifestyles and working habits. Also those who are worried that it would compress your bones/organs or rearrange them, well firstly, it is not possible to bring permanent change in an adult’s bbody that easily. Secondly, waist trainers are according to your fit and size, specifically so that there is no undue strain on your body. It is not possible to have any kind of effect on your internal organs just by putting some pressure on your extra fat tissues.
  • That it is a new fad and will go- well, waist and corset training has been the ‘in thing’ since the 1500’s. Just look at any Victorian portrait and you’d be able to trace a corset beneath all those flowing gowns. So no, it is not a new thing that will go, it has been here since centuries delivering results.


And with time and innovation, it has only gotten more effective. Not only does it give your confidence an instant boost, but also, when followed properly waist training would give you results like nothing before.

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